Advisory Board

Nicholas Winton

Nicholas Winton is a business research analyst who is assisting the Company with identifying new projects with investment opportunities and royalty streams. Mr. Winton began working in the private investment arena where he quickly established a reputation for uncovering undervalued equities with a combination of fundamental and technical analysis within his theories of investor contagion and behavioural patterns in his ‘Hedgehog Trader’ newsletter. From private practice, which includes assisting a premier financial manager in New York, Mr. Winton joined ‘INK Research’ in 2011 where along with his newsletter he provides reports and key research to a highly sophisticated investment clientele on a variety of topics including commodities, market trends, technical analysis and in-depth analysis on the mining and exploration sector, specializing in connecting investors and market opportunities, including gold and emerging energy metals sectors. Mr. Winton graduated from the University of Toronto.