Kirill Klip, MBA – President and CEO

Kirill Klip graduated with the degree in Management from St. Petersburg State University of Railways, later obtaining a degree in Economics from the International Business School in Moscow and a degree in MBA in Finance from both the International Business School in Moscow and Guildhall University in London. He has extensive expertise in banking, transportation, mining, telecommunications and internet industries. Kirill Klip served as the First Vice President and Member of the Board of TransCreditBank (Moscow), Member of the Board of TransTeleCom (Moscow) and Member of the Board of Dry Bulk Terminal (Tallinn). He also acted as the Adviser on Finance for the Minister of Russian Railway System (Moscow).

From 2007 Kirill Klip has acted as Non-Executive Chairman and member of the Board of TNR Gold Corp. (International Lithium’s parent company through a Plan of Arrangement and spin-out) and an Adviser to the Board of Canada Zinc Metals.

Together with TNR Gold Kirill Klip founded International Lithium Corp. in 2009 and served as Non-Executive Chairman, President, Director and Executive Chairman of ILC.

From January of 2017, Kirill Klip serves as Executive Chairman of TNR Gold Corp. and holds approximately a 20% equity stake in the Company.

In addition to years of entrepreneurial and corporate stewardship, he also manages a portfolio of global assets and brings a robust financial network to the group.

Kirill  Klip is a UK citizen and resides in London.

Maurice Brooks, B.Sc., FCA (ICAEW) – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Brooks is a licensed senior statutory auditor in the UK. Since 2000, he has been a senior partner in Johnson, Smith & Co., Chartered Accountants and Statutory Auditors. Previously, he had been Finance and Deputy Managing Director of a vehicle producer, Investment Accountant to the Western Australian Government, and before that he had been employed in the audit department of Price Waterhouse Coopers-U.K.

Konstantin Klip B.A. – Vice President, Corporate Development

Mr. Konstantin Klip has U.S. and U.K. accredited degrees in International Business Administration, Finance and Accounting. After facilitating trading at the London Metal Exchange courtesy of Marex Financial, he consulted a number of early stage enterprises on innovative modern capital raising methods. His current particular focus lies in Venture Partner Behavioral Theory and Investor Communication Theory.

Nancy La Couvée – Corporate Secretary

Nancy La Couvée has over twenty years of experience acting as Corporate Secretary of a number of public and private internationally focused companies in the resource sector. Ms. La Couvée specializes in corporate governance and compliance.

Roberto Lara, Geologist – Vice-President, Compañia Minera Solitario, Argentina

Mr. Lara graduated from Universidad Nacional de San Juan in geology and has been involved in the mining industry in South America since 1988, mainly in the province of San Juan, Argentina. He previously was chief geologist from Crown Resources USA and consulted to numerous resource companies. Presently Mr. Lara is Vice president of Compañia Minera Solitario Argentina S.A., TNR Gold’s 100% subsidiary.